Don't Pull Out on Love So Fast

I know it's been hard the last few days
I know you've been thinking of running away

Like a train leaving the station
You want to say good-bye to the past
But I'm asking your forgiveness
Don't pull out on love so fast

You say that when I apologize
It's just another one of my alibis

Like a runner in last place
You want to abandon the race
But I'm headin' you off at the pass
Don't pull out on love so fast

Don't pull out on love
We made a promise to each other
Something about thick or thin
Stick around
I know we'll recover

And it can't be as bad as you say we are
And to end it all after we've come this far

Is like closing your bank account
'Cause you don't trust them with your cash
Though my credit is overdrawn
Don't pull out on love so fast

Copyright 1998
Ronnie Jeffrey
Tyronniesaurus Rox Tunes (BMI)
All Rights Reserved