Dreams of McKenzie

Black hair, hazel eyes and some quarters for the jukebox
I want to hear blues but she keeps playing hard rock

Until I fall asleep
Face to face with my fears
Then the sun comes up
And she just disappears
I'm not scared of the dark
I'm scared of what I see
Dreams of McKenzie

Playing pool for beers in a bar called the Red Door Lounge
She called the pocket so we have another round

When I wake up alone
I won't know what to feel
I'll check the pillow
To see if it's for real
While shadows on the wall
Dance to the sound of the dreams
Dreams of McKenzie

Closing time and we're walking hand in hand to my car
Off to the country to lie down beneath the stars

There's a light in my window
We're out of time again
That's as true today
As it always has been
A new day has begun
Part of her stays with me
Dreams of McKenzie

Copyright 2001
Kent Newsome & Ronnie Jeffrey
All Rights Reserved